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Making a dedication takes a few minutes. To add an entry simply click on the button below and complete the form.

Share Precious Memories

Create a lasting memory of a special pet. Each memorial page can be up to 1500 words and contain up to 3 photographs, plus numerous Tribute pages that relate to each person's entry.

How we remain A Special Place

We are intent on keeping our website as a quiet sanctuary, without the disturbance of advertisements and other distractions. To achieve this, we fund our site through requesting a small subscription (from £3) for each dedication page created. This pays for the ongoing costs of maintaining the integrity of the site. There is no charge for adding comments and appreciations to an existing dedication page.

Adding a Pet

This is just a matter of a few minutes. Each new entry can be included on our web site by using the simple forms available through clicking Add a Pet. Please note there's no need to supply text that is 100% word perfect at the first attempt, as text changes can easily be made by sending an email to us at at any time.

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