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Rumi Stapley

Our dear little Rumi 16th November 2004 to 29th October 2017. Goodbye our little angel. You were...

Also known as: Tugga.

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Picture of Rumi

Our dear little Rumi 16th November 2004 to 29th October 2017.

Goodbye our little angel. You were such a fun loving girl, everything was your favourite, and you loved to join in conversations - you could bark for England. The house is really quiet without you. You were such a beautiful girl and your soft fur was admired by everyone who met you.

You enjoyed chasing squirrels, deer and foxes but always returned to us as soon as we called you. You were such a good girl. Your claim to fame was that you could fit three balls in your mouth and still bark.

You are now with your beloved Poppy at Rainbow Bridge and in time we shall come to join you.

We will miss you and love you forever.

Added by: Sandra Stapley on 9 November 2017.


Sandie Stapley writes [16 November 2018]:

Happy 14th birthday my precious girl. Hope you had a wonderful day and that Poppy gave you lots of kisses an cuddles. If there is doggy paddle at Rainbow Bridge then I am sure you had a great time there today - it always was your favourite. You are so missed and loved we have your photo on the mantelpiece of when you were a tiny puppy and it only seems like yesterday that we were carrying you on walks because your little legs couldn't keep up with Poppy. Love you always and forever

Granny Lulu

Sandra Stapley writes [29 October 2018]:

Hello my precious girl. It's a whole year since you left us but I still miss you as if it was yesterday. You be happy with your darling Poppy at Rainbow Bridge (it's a great comfort knowing you two are together) you were always inseparable in life. Thinking of you always.

Love kisses and cuddles

Granny Lulu

Sandie Stapley writes [19 October 2018]:

Hello my darling girl. I wish I could have you back with me together with Poppy. You are so loved and missed. Be happy with your big sister at Rainbow Bridge.

Love and miss you forever

Granny Lulu

Sandie Stapley writes [3 June 2018]:

Hello Little Baby Tugs

Hope you had a great time on Poppy's birthday with lots of fun and games and some nice treats and presents just the way we always did for you both on each others birthdays. The house is so quiet without you two (and tidy). You have fun and enjoy yourself.

Love you forever



Sandie Stapley writes [25 December 2017]:

Happy Christmas sweetheart. Miss you stealing your presents (especially your treats from Doggy Paddle). You have fun with Poppy. Love and miss you forever.

Granny Lulu

Becky Stapley writes [19 November 2017]:

Tugs - miss you forever my baby girl xxx

Sandie Stapley writes [16 November 2017]:

Happy 13th birthday darling. I hope you have a great time at Rainbow Bridge and lots of presents.
I miss frantic fridays and taking you to Doggy Paddle (you loved it so much). I wish we could put the clocks back to when you and Poppy were young and keep you both with us forever.

Have fun my darling and be the life and sole like you were always were here.

Miss and love you always.

Granny Lulu

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