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Sweet Pea Rice

Noodle (2009-2015) was a Parson Russell Terrier as much as we could determine from photos of similar...

Also known as: Noodle3.

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Picture of Sweet Pea
Picture of Sweet Pea

Noodle (2009-2015) was a Parson Russell Terrier as much as we could determine from photos of similar dogs and dogs used for TV ads. She was adopted from a rescue group in Gainesville, Florida at age 3 with a deficiency in her joints that required daily medication, but it never slowed her down. She wanted to play with every dog she saw but was also fiercely protective of her home and would feign an attack on any dog or delivery person that came too close. She even fought for her place in our home by trying to intimidate the LhasaApso who had been with us for a year. They were the same size when we got her, but she gained 5 pounds on him because she’d supplement her meals with what she could flush out in the backyard. She liked to dig for critters and could run like a cheetah if she thought she’d catch a squirrel. She never complained if one of us accidentally rolled over on her in bed and often woke lazily in the morning with bed head. She didn’t do many tricks but was quick to get in your face for any hint of a treat. When she needed something, she would get our attention by trying to verbalize. It never sounded like anything but ‘woof’ to us, but we could see the earnestness in her face when she was trying mightily to form words. We lost her on a February afternoon when she saw another dog on the other side of the boulevard during rush hour. It was quick and we were confident that she felt no pain. A very kind man on his way home from work stopped immediately and helped us pick her up from the road and brought her home to rest. We will always be grateful for his willingness to stop and grateful for the 3 years that we had with her.

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Terry Reisz writes [18 November 2017]:

Thank you for this opportunity

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