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Bambie Clemow

It is with sad regret that on 12/3/2019 we lost our beloved Pet Rabbit 'Bambie' such a beautiful...

Also known as: Knickname (Blue).

Picture of Bambie Clemow.

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Picture of Bambie Clemow.
Picture of Bambie Clemow.
Picture of Bambie Clemow.

It is with sad regret that on 12/3/2019 we lost our beloved Pet Rabbit 'Bambie' such a beautiful black glossy rabbit with a unique character how she loved the freedom to rule our other pets "Jasper' our dog & 'Oscar' our cat who she adored cuddling up with.
She was a diva loved laying beside the fire, enjoyed nudging my ankles, snuggling up beside me on the sofa & an appetite of a lion most of all she enjoyed the freedom to roam & loved her beanbag always rolling around feet in the air thank you for being in our lives you will be deeply missed but one day we will be along with our other pet 'Susie' to whom we lost together again God Bless You xxxxxxx

Added by: Nigel Clemow on 24 March 2019.


Nigel Clemow writes [8 July 2020]:

It is with sad regret that our Derek's beloved Cat 'Blue' to whom I had the pleasure of seeing during these troubled pandemic times regrettably passed away on Sunday 5th/Monday 6th July 2020 have now joined 'Susie'along with his brothers'Mischief','Mickey'along with'Bambie'in heaven God bless you sweethearts love from Derek Nigel and Charly your sister who misses you dearly 

Nigel Clemow writes [29 May 2019]:

Dearest 'Bambie'

When we say goodbye to those we hold dear to our hearts it's heartbreaking because we hope they will never leave us but when they do there is a void that can never be filled or replaced we know we have to move on but in our hearts & soul your never forgotten & we will never forget you God Bless sweetheart rest assured you will always be remembered 'RIP' a rose as been planted in your honour Love forever Nigel xxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [20 May 2019]:

Dearest Bambie

There's a special place in my heart that I keep safe for love for the one I have lost & will never forget I miss & love you intensely my love is strong & grows in strength bless my special one as you will always be remembered & keeped safe in my heart miss you very much love Forever & Eternity God Bless Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [4 May 2019]:

Dearest ‘Bambie’

Many Tuesdays have passed since that Tuesday night 12th March 2019 at around 8pm we lost you still so painful not having you around missing your lovely warm friendly and quirky ways if love could have saved you then you would have lived forever rest assured you will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers ‘Jasper’ and ‘Oscar’ misses you God Bless play with ‘Susie’ at Rainbow Bridge we all will love and miss you for eternity Love Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [23 April 2019]:

Dearest Bambie

Oh our beautiful angel we miss you every day
Waking in the morning where you'd wait upon your hay 
First thing in the morning you'd jump out from your door
Running to the living room to play around the floor
Or hide behind the curtains dreaming throughout the day
Or running around freely when you’d just like to play
Oh my little star you’d become active through the night 
Eye's now wide open where they shined ever so bright 
Often you'd sit by the sofa waiting for me to stroke your head 
It was still much to early for you to go to bed 
Waiting for me to pick you up from underneath your belly 
To sit upon the sofa so you could be with me to watch the telly 
I never thought that day would come when I had to say goodbye 
You where taken much to early and ever since you left me I done nothing more than cry 
We miss you so dearly each and every week 
You are that glorious angel very special and unique 

God Bless you my little star you will never be forgotten lots of love Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [4 April 2019]:

Dearest Bambie

A beautiful girl whose character can never be replaced
Who was calm and sweet and full of grace
I miss your shiny eyes & rubbing up against your nose
The patter of your tiny feet running to me to be close
Tapping my ankles & nudging me feet
Asking to be cuddled & wanting a treat
The house feels so empty not even a sound
Watching you hoping, jumping & rolling around
You had a little knickname we always called you Blue
A Rare Special Rabbit & we will always love you
Going to bed at night without being told
Waiting at your door in the mornings to be let out to run around & loved being hold
Playing peek a boo through the curtains that was your game
Kissing your little forehead at night when bedtime came
God bless you my sweetheart for being so kind
Your always be remembered in my heart & in my mind
Oscar loved you dearly that was for sure
Both snuggled up together in front the fire on the floor

Love forever & Eternity Nigel/Paul/Jasper & Oscar

Nigel Clemow writes [4 April 2019]:

Dearest Bambie
The pain inside me is so intense
Still trying hard to make some kind of sense
Why without warning you suddenly fell ill
And had to cross over to rainbow hill
Searching my soul I crave your love
Imagining angels and a little white dove
I wish more could have been done to have kept you here
I would have climbed any mountain and scaled any stairs
I miss you greatly with each day I seek
Wishing you were still awake and not asleep
The day will come one day when I close my eyes
Re-united again with you my dearest Bambie in the skies
Love always Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [25 March 2019]:

Finally today 25th March 2019 you came home Something that you will always remembered for the Original 'Charles Angels' years ago when I was younger I was hooked on the series but life & work took over forty years later I bought the box set 29 disc's to watch you were glued with the original 'Charles Angels' settled down on your beanbag and watched every episode only a couple of days later after the final episode you left me only to become an ‘Angel’ god bless you sweetheart sleep tight xxxxxxx 

Nigel Clemow writes [24 March 2019]:

Words are powerful and mean a lot something extra for you,

If tears built a stairway
& memories a lane
I'd walk up to heaven
& bring you home again.

god bless sweet girl love always Nigelxxxxxxx

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