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Mischief Clemow

My dearest Mischief to whom I will never forget such loving affectionate cat with your black silky...

Also known as: Black Beauty.

Picture of Mischief Clemow.

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Picture of Mischief
Picture of Mischief Clemow.

My dearest Mischief to whom I will never forget such loving affectionate cat with your black silky coat who sadly left never knowing what happened to you rest assured your memory will live with me forever and eternity god bless you protect youand keep you safe love Nigel xxxxxxx

Added by: Nigel Clemow on 12 August 2019.


Nigel Clemow writes [8 July 2020]:

It is with sad regret that our Derek's beloved Cat 'Blue' to whom I had the pleasure of seeing during these troubled pandemic times regrettably passed away on Sunday 5th/Monday 6th July 2020 have now joined 'Susie'along with his brothers'Mischief','Mickey'along with'Bambie'in heaven God bless you sweethearts love from Derek Nigel and Charly your sister who misses you dearly 

Nigel Clemow writes [2 April 2020]:

Dearest 'Mischief'

I fills my heart with joy at the same time with sadness knowing your gone but through love and affection I finally found a beautiful photo of you looking silky and happy I missed you throughout the years that passed but now know in my heart you were well cherished cared for and love god bless you my sweet one be safe Love Forever Nigelxxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [13 August 2019]:

Darling 'Mischief' 

Who sadly left late 1990;s/2000

There's a star which burns so bright it lights up the sky through the darkness of the night

It shines so brightly & twinkles with glee oh I wish you were still here with me

So long ago I will never forget your love & affection will forever be with me

I wish I had some photos to hold it would be like you very rare gold

Rest assured my Prince you've crossed rainbow Bridge to be with 'Susie" &' Bambie'

One day I will join you all once more never to leave you alone again that's for sure

Never knowing what happened to you hurts me with pain Waking each day going over it again

I can only pray you had a good life I,m sure you did which gives me some peace

For those I loved who cared for you had me in mind I'm sorry I had to leave you alone its wasn't my choice & never planned

But one day we will be together again that's for sure never to leave you alone any more

God Bless you all love for eternity Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [12 August 2019]:

Dearest Mischief

Winter is approaching dark & cold
Missing your warmth of having you to hold
Always snug up together warm & hot
I truly miss you one enormous lot
If only there was a way to bring you back
I would through back the duvet
So you could jump in the sack
It’s seems so unfair that your no longer here
But trust me my darling I love you so dear
Take care my Mischief until we meet
My Little Prince dark Prince

Love always
Nigel xxxxxxx

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