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Snipe Peett

Snipe was the most adorable, loving loyal boy you could ever meet. He was such a great personality;...

Also known as: Snipey.

Picture of Snipe  Peett.

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Picture of Snipe  Peett.
Picture of Snipe  Peett.
Picture of Snipe  Peett.

Snipe was the most adorable, loving loyal boy you could ever meet. He was such a great personality; a total people pleaser and so like his great uncle, Harlie, in nature as well as looks. He was a big wimp, scared of thunder, gun shy and even of a door slamming but had a very fierce sounding bark which would certainly put the wind up anyone who didn't know that in fact he was more likely to lick you to death. He was loved by so many and was brilliant with children; particularly Poppy and Sophie whom he adored and who adored him in return. When his older brother Teal, with whom he did everything and hero worshipped, died tragically young he was totally bereft so we bought him a puppy, Plover. He was wary at first but then adored her and let her lie on top of him and boss him around. They were the best of friends. He loved chasing the ball and had a brilliant nose so would have been a great gun dog if he was a bit braver! His other favourite thing was helping Rayner finish his toast at breakfast! Snipe we will never forget you and you will always be in our hearts. We love you xxxx

Added by: Carol Peett on 1 June 2020.


Carol Griffiths writes [30 June 2020]:

I really hope you don’t mind me reading your comments on your beautiful boy. Such beautiful words and so sorry that you had to lose your lovely boy so suddenly. Very sad.... I hope I can write such a lovely epitaph of my girls when the moment comes.
Dogs are so loving. We have Maisie who’s nearly ten and Ebony who’s two. Can’t imagine life without them but know it will happen one day.

Snipe.... forever in your hearts .... hopefully Plover will love his new brother as much....

Cynthia Faulkner writes [3 June 2020]:

Snipey, you beautiful, friendly, lovely boy, going to miss you. X

Sally Amoore writes [2 June 2020]:

I shall miss his greetings, always with a toy in his mouth. And all those cuddles! xx

Georgia Lewis writes [1 June 2020]:

What awful news. Snipe was so gentle and so tolerant of being pampered when I'm sure all he wanted was a peaceful kip!! Sophie will miss him terribly, as I know you will. xxx

Carole Coupland writes [1 June 2020]:

He looked such a beautiful boy, run free now over the Rainbow Bridge xx

Lorraine Darton writes [1 June 2020]:

Snipe. What can I say? I will miss you very much. You were a beautiful, loving boy. I got to give you a final kiss and hug and for that I am so grateful.
I just know that there is a big happy reunion going on over rainbow bridge. Safe journey little one.

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