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Dearest Dash 12/07/2021 There's a special place in my heart that I keep safe for love of the...

Also known as: Beauty.

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Dearest Dash


There's a special place in my heart that I keep safe for love of the one I have lost & will never forget I miss & love you intensely my love is strong & grows in strength bless my special one as you will always be remembered & keep safe in my heart miss you very much love Forever & Eternity God Bless Nigel xxxxxxx

Added by: Nigel Clemow on 17 July 2021.


Nigel Clemow writes [12 December 2021]:

My Angel ‘Dash’

‘Time Capsule’

Sometimes there’s a gap between messages left but my beautiful affectionate unique sweetheart 'Dash'I often walk thinking how we can prevent these illnesses from happening, no visiting your missed very much we all hope that rebirth is real where we get a second chance from our first to enjoy each other again but how will we know that’s why this memorial site is like a time capsule capturing those moments were we stumble thinking why is something familiar so if rebirth happens & in a new life I stumble upon this page it might be just what’s needed to enlighten me lets hope for a second chance together you brought true happiness,I will hold you in my heart forever lot's of love eternally yours Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [21 November 2021]:

Dearest 'Dash'

It's sad that each of your lives are so short we caress, love & keep you safe but these illnesses seem to find a way of taking you to soon breaking our hearts but with me I ensured you were safe, happy, secure, loved but it's hard not seeing you around stay safe my angel's one day I will be with all of you again my most dearest 'Oscar' ' Susie' ,Bambie' 'Tittles' 'Mischief' love eternally yours Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [26 October 2021]:

Dearest 'Dash'

You were a loving boy & showed it every time I visited
you did not deserve to go so fast has you were a gentle giant enjoyed your walks with me I am sorry that you all have to leave us so soon we will miss you, both you 'Oscar' 'Tittles' came as one but sadly were separated within the family loosing 'Tittles' first her battle first then you followed by 'Oscar' you all rest in peace & keep each other safe
love eternal Nigelxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [10 October 2021]:

Dear 'Dash'

Its sad trying to make sense of the loss we have to endure as each and everyone of you are special, I remember you as a puppy you and dear 'Oscar' came as one with 'Tittles' who was the first to go but you and 'Oscar' lived life to the full not long after you left in July I lost 'Oscar' in September it has if you wanted to be sure that you could be there knowing 'Oscar' was coming we all miss you each and everyone one of you take care my beauty look after each other and stay safe tell 'Oscar' and 'Tittles I love them and keep each other safe god bless sweetheart our boy Lots of love Nigelxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [27 September 2021]:

Our Darling 'Dash'

Miss walking you when I would visit the family how you loved to see me knowing that you would be spoilt & taken out you enjoyed many walks along the river or in the country we all miss you dearly 'Oscar' sadly left us not long after you may you all be happy & safe & one day we will all be re-united again god bless you sweetheart look after 'Oscar' for me tell him I love him dearly & miss all of you love Nigelxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [19 September 2021]:


Its sad that Oscar is now with you and not with me you look after our beautiful boy keep him safe until we all meet go bless you my darling

Nigel Clemow writes [17 July 2021]:

When we say goodbye to those we hold dear to our hearts it's heartbreaking because we hope they will never leave us but when they do there is a void that can never be filled or replaced we know we have to move on but in our hearts & soul your never forgotten & we will never forget you God Bless sweetheart rest assured you will always be remembered 'RIP' you are now with Coby and Sampson stay safe and playLove Nigel xxxxxx

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