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Oscar Clemow

It's with sad regret after a long fight that Saturday 11th September 2021 at 1pm we had to say...

Also known as: Our Affectionate Oscar.

Picture of Oscar Clemow.

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Picture of Oscar Clemow.
Picture of Oscar Clemow.
Picture of Oscar Clemow.

It's with sad regret after a long fight that Saturday 11th September 2021 at 1pm we had to say goodbye to the most affectionate loving cat 'Oscar' I've ever had the pleasure of being in our live, I adopted you from my brother Robert who also sends is love in October 2016 you gave everything but sadly was taken to soon you will be missed & adored for eternity such a loving & affectionate 'Oscar' we will all miss you the sadness in Nigel's eyes tells how much your love for each other was great, you did not deserve to leave us so suddenly, will miss you go be with'Susie''Bambie' 'Tittles''Mischief''Dash &all your friends one day we will be together forever stay safe love eternally Nigel/Paul/Jasper/Bambie 2nd & 3rd Love Eternally Nigel xxx

Added by: Nigel Clemow on 11 September 2021.


Nigel Clemow writes [20 September 2021]:

Our Beautiful 'Oscar'

I never thought that love could hurt
It hurts because we had to part
We trusted each others promise's
And swapped each others hearts

But sadly there's a coldness there
The truth is in my eyes
I promised I'd never leave you
Not even for a day

Your touch was soft and meaningful
Our kisses never lied
Now there's many tears their
They stream down from my eye's

We always knew what each other said
By night and by day
Now I have you back here with me
Forever here to stay

One day we will meet again
When my turn will come
Being interned together
So we can be together as one

Love you eternally Nigel xxx

Nigel Clemow writes [19 September 2021]:


It’s coming to winter dark & cold
Missing your warmth of having you to hold
Always snug up together warm & snug
I truly miss you my snuggle bug
If there was a way to bring you back
I would through back the duvet
So you could jump in the sack
It’s seems so unfair that your no longer here
But trust me my angel I love you so dear
Take care my 'Oscar' until we meet
You rest my angel with your little rainbow toy
You will always be my beautiful boy

Love always
Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [19 September 2021]:

Dearest Loving Oscar

Oh our beautiful affectionate angel I miss you every hour that passes
Having you in my arms both at night and by day you where always there

Resting on your beanbag in the living room and cuddling up to your toys play your love is something I have never experienced in a cat before reaching out for that security holding my hand you where adored and loved by many but none so much as me

I struggle each day missing your beautiful face knowing in my heart one day we will be together forever waiting here for your return is hard I can't hold back the tears I will treasure and carry you in my heart and soul forever I only wish things could have been different stay safe my angel rest in peace knowing all is in good hands we all miss you enormously

God Bless you my angel face you will never be forgotten lots of love Nigel xxxxxxx

Nigel Clemow writes [13 September 2021]:

Dearest Oscar

Thank you for your strong affectionate love & devotion throughout our time together always reaching out to grab my hand so you felt secure resting your chin on the back of my hand snuggled up in my arms at bedtime. I miss your warm loving adoring ways you were strong right to the end even through your illness you found the strength to make your way to me wherever I was in the home never wanting to be alone, I made sure you never was helping you cope in situation your one in a million who can never be replaced & never will love you for eternity if I could have brought you home I would in a heartbeat you will never forget rest my golden angel love eternally Nigel xxx

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